Broad Feature Sets

A platform with enterprise breadth and depth.

Robust Registration Platform

Customize, collect, and manage registration data for your registrants, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors. Simplify user experience with our smart form logic.

Abstract/Session Management

Collect, vote, email, and report on proposals through IPReg’s user-friendly Call for Papers process. Manage and schedule sessions directly in IPReg to complete the comprehensive process.

Speaker Management and Support

Streamline speaker management with quick and easy communications, file uploading, task management and personnel registration all in one package.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Management

Alleviate hassle with our one stop shop for exhibitor registration, purchasing sponsorship packages, managing personnel, task management and communications.

Onsite Attendee Experience

Maximize attendee experience with onsite self-check-in kiosks and automated custom badge printing.

API and Custom Integrations

Seamlessly connect external integrations including marketing, financial reconciliation, data warehouse and business intelligence.

Comprehensive Security

Privacy and data security is a must for you and Avolio. Registrant’s information is quickly, accurately, and securely processed with the highest security measures.

Integrated Lead Retrieval

Bring added value to your exhibitors and let Avolio manage your exhibitors' lead retrieval service.